LegHumes - Verstegen Professional

Fermented vegetables with a modern taste

Fermentation is back again. And that is logical, because fermentation preserves texture, colour and, above all, taste. In the process umami is produced, which creates a unique and rich taste profile. This has inspired Verstegen to perfect fermentation. And make it easier to work with. The results: LegHumes, a series of fermented vegetables and sauces with new, fresh and pure flavours. Flavours that will make your professional heart beat faster.

Surprising variants

Choose from four surprising vegetable varieties or fermented mustard seeds. Each and every one of them has a wide range of applications, for countless new, healthy possibilities. For example, by a smart use of Ediks mild vinegars and spices, less salt is needed. In addition, the fermentation process ensures less waste of food, partly by using residual flows of vegetables. LegHumes gives vegetable dishes a new dimension: fermented vegetables with the taste of today.

Benefits of LegHumes

LegHumes are healthy products because they contain a lot of antioxidants, are good for the intestinal flora and have a positive effect on improved digestion. Despite the fact that they are raw vegetables, the fermented vegetables are food safe with an expiration date of 4 months when stored refrigerated (max 7°C). The unique fermentation process guarantees preservation of taste, colour and structure.

The fermented vegetables can be used in a trendy and traditional way in a wide range of applications, such as raw processing, stir-frying, grilling / BBQ, steaming, baking and mashing. In other words, you can prepare them both hot and cold.