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As a food professional you want to work with people who think along with you and share your passion. At Verstegen we understand that. We do everything we can to offer you the right ingredients so that you can excel in your profession. We are fully committed to quality, innovation, inspiration and of course sustainability. We believe that these are the ingredients for a collaboration that will take you further.


Verstegen as a CO2 neutral organization

To combat climate change, Verstegen has started generating sustainable energy itself, from Dutch wind and the sun. For example, Verstegen has its own windmill and one roof is covered with 876 solar panels.


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Daily output in Wh


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Our renewed sauce range

A lot has changed within the food sector since our foundation. Especially when it comes to the wishes and needs of your guests and customers. There are new concepts of convenience, health, sustainability and quality. As a professional, you are of course constantly looking for appropriate answers to these changing needs. And we are happy to help you. That is why you’ll find those answers in our new sauces range from now on.

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A unique dish

Together with Jan Smink, Verstegen launches a number of fillings for the ByFlow 3D foodprinter. These can be applied in all segments of the hospitality industry – from catering, leisure, to bistronomy and gastronomy. They include all kinds of pastries, various gels and purées, both sweet and savoury, to serve your guests a special experience.

Kumar's, specialist in the Asian mortar kitchen

Spices such as lemongrass, chilli, red peppers, tamarind, galangal, coriander, turmeric and salam leaf are brought together by the pestle and mortar to produce bold and rich flavours. At Kumar’s, we cook with fresh ingredients and without the use of artificial fragrances, colours and flavours. Because only then will you experience the mortar kitchen as it should be.

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