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Give your own twist to sausages!

Sausages are popular. For many years there has been a wide variety of different sausages worldwide. In the Netherlands, too, there is a growing demand for more inspiration and variety in (fresh) sausages. For a delicious, culinary response Verstegen developed the concept 'Give your own twist to sausages', to add your signature to sausage dishes.

Endless combinations

A well-balanced basic mix for sausage can be complemented with one of the four Taste Extensions, 100% natural flavour mixes of your choice. Mixes that have our Pure label. In combination with the grinding method, meat type and sausage type, the possibilities for expanding your sausage range are endless. Try it yourself and give your own twist to sausages, every single time!

The five products can be used to prepare 256 products!

Choose a type of meat: beef/calf - poultry - pork - lamb
Choose the grind: extra fine - fine - coarse - extra coarse
Choose product type: sausage - chipolata - mini sausage - special
Choose a flavour component: jalapeño & habanero - fennel & orange - seaweed & lemon - chili & smoked pepper