Latin American BBQ inspiration - Verstegen Professional

Light the fire with Latin American BBQ inspiration!

Latin American cuisine is hot. Literally hot with respect to taste in certain areas, but also in a figurative sense with respect to popularity. More and more restaurants start serving Latin American dishes. A logical development: because of the diversity of this cuisine, there is something delicious for everyone. That is why this season Verstegen is providing Latin American BBQ inspiration for this trend with original products.

Many origins

Latin American cuisine includes dishes from South and Central America. These dishes are a veritable melting pot of flavours and food cultures. In the dishes you will find mainly Spanish and Portuguese influences. If you go further North, there are also African influences. There is a world to discover in Latin America! From spicy, temperamental dishes to mildly spicy flavours. And from sweet to sour.

We have completely renewed our range of sauces and divided them into three different lines. Prepare great flavour combinations, also with Latin American dishes.

Flavours for an extraordinary BBQ fiesta

We have combined these flavours into BBQ products that you can use to surprise and inspire your guests. The recipes have been compiled on the basis of the existing Verstegen range. They all have taste influences from Latin America to season dishes with meat, fish, poultry, vegetables as well as vegetarian dishes.

So why not put Latin America on the menu and take your clients on a trip to all corners of this delicious, varied area for an extraordinary BBQ fiesta!