Pure - Verstegen Professional

The Pure label

Consumers are eating more and more consciously. That is not a hype, it is a permanent development. There is an increasing need for responsible nutrition. And this development goes on. It was one of the reasons for Verstegen to introduce the Pure label some years ago. Products with this label contain no MSG, no allergens to be listed, no phosphates and a minimum quantity of salt. Really pure products!

Taste as a starting point

During the development of the Verstegen Pure label, taste has always been our principle. How can products be made even more pure, without compromising on taste? The Pure label was the answer:

- No allergens to be listed: common allergies are reactions to milk, egg, fish, crustaceans, nuts, peanuts, soy or sesame seeds.
- Free of MSG: MSG (monosodium glutamate) is probably the best-known flavour enhancer. In case of increased intake, a hypersensitive reaction may occur in a sensitive group of people.
- Minimal salt consumption: Eating too much salt may lead to high blood pressure. High blood pressure increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

New: purer and tastier

And then, pure can always be purer. Verstegen has proven this by the renewed Pure label. In addition to the previously mentioned additives, all additives that must no longer be used in meat preparations have now been removed. In addition, the use of sugars and flavourings has been further minimised. At the same time, the taste has been greatly improved by the balanced use of herbs and spices. This ensures a great improvement in taste and therefore a new dosage. The result is a label that satisfies the needs of the conscious consumer. Purer and tastier.

Pure, the new standard

Verstegen Pure is the perfect response to health trends, the international desire for reduced salt in products and the increase in food allergies and gluten intolerance. It also serves as a guideline for all new developments and product concepts at Verstegen. In this way, Verstegen helps all food professionals to create the most beautiful flavours with the purest ingredients. We show the herb specialist that responsible and delicious go together very well.