Vega Binding mix - Verstegen Professional

Vary with vega

As a fresh produce specialist, you, of course, appreciate support and inspiration for vegetarian options, because there is increasing consumer demand ("since 2017, the amount of meat substitutes sold in supermarkets has increased by 51%"). Vega Binding mix requires only a few actions to make vegetarian products. Products that are tasteful and completely separate from a meat experience.

Vega, with the V of Verstegen

Vega has become an integral part of today's kitchen. The number of vegetarians is growing and the number of flexitarians is growing even faster. You will also notice that customers are asking more and more for meat substitutes and that they want advice. As you would expect from us, we would like to help you inspire your customers by offering tasty vegetarian products. At Verstegen we believe that vega does not mean less taste. We have developed the Vega Binding mix especially for you as a fresh food specialist and the product is available from now on. The basic mix can be complemented with the familiar flavours of our spice mixes or World Grills. This way you can create unlimited vegetarian products, without compromising on taste.

Why the Vega Binding mix?

The Vega Binding mix is vegan, has the Pure label, which means free of phosphates, free of MSG and free of allergens to be listed. The mix is gluten-free, contains no soy, can be deep-frozen and offers the convenience of a complete mix. All you have to do is mix the Vega Binding mix (art. no. 1020602) with a World Grill of your choice and water for a nice consistent burger.