Guilt Free

The days of snacking with a feeling of guilt are over. Verstegen introduces Guilt Free sauces without artificial additives. The first sauces without added sugars or sweeteners, but with a great taste. The best of both worlds. The sauces are made from the finest herbs and spices and contain no allergens to be listed and only natural sugars.


European Food Safety Authority

The Guilt Free sauces from Verstegen come just at the right time. Apart from the trend of less sugar that we have seen for years, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) will set a limit for the daily intake of added sugars in food in 2020. This should help Member States such as the Netherlands to reduce sugar consumption and improve dietary guidelines.


The finest herbs and spices

Guilt Free sauces are made from the finest herbs and spices and contain only natural sugars. And that is unique. No sugar substitutes or sweeteners such as aspartame or stevia are used. It is a spectacular breakthrough: no added sugars and the best taste. There are four variants to choose from: Sweet Chili, Salsa Tex-Mex, Curry Ketchup and Tomato Ketchup. The sauces are available in 285ml and 875ml bottles.

Guilt Free sauces offer a perfect alternative to the regular sauces in your assortment. They offer the freedom to make a conscious choice that is at the same time the tastiest choice.