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Bold and rich flavours

Spices such as lemongrass, chilli, red peppers, tamarind, galangal, coriander, turmeric and salam leaf are brought together by the pestle and mortar to produce bold and rich flavours. The ingredients, preparation methods and use of the mortar vary from country to country. At Kumar’s, we honour those different traditions, as you can taste in our varied range.

Curries and Bumbus

A curry paste (or in Indonesian: bumbu) is the composition of fresh ingredients which are crushed into a paste. The curry pastes can be used to make authentic dishes which are slowly stewed. Kumar's curries and bumbus can also be used in different ways as culinary seasonings.

Wok pastes

In contrast to a wok sauce, which you add to a wok dish at the last moment, a wok paste helps you to create the base. Our wok paste can be used as a marinade or added directly when heating your main ingredient such as meat, meat substitute, chicken or fish.

Curry Sauces

In contrast to curries and bumbus, which have a traditional yet longer preparation time (by stewing), our curry sauces are the solution when time is scarce. Heat the meat (or meat substitute) and vegetables, add the ready-to-heat curry sauce and present a delicious curry dish to your guests within 5 minutes. Perfect for front-cooking preparations!

Stir-fry Sauces

The ideal partner for rapid preparations and front-cooking in the wok are the new stir-fry sauces. Even faster than with the curry sauces, the stir-fry sauces allow you to make a perfect Asian wok dish in 3 minutes.