Make a difference on the grill

This BBQ season, Verstegen offers the fresh specialist inspiration for 6 different traditional BBQ packages. After all, food is increasingly becoming an experience and we are taking more time for it. More and more conscious choices are being made when it comes to food. That is why, together with the fresh specialist, we want to feed the conscious choices of the consumer. Also in this BBQ season, in which we respond to all needs and inspire with traditional BBQ packages.


Meat is not just any meat

More and more consumers experience the difference of the fresh specialist. That meat is not just meat. It only really becomes special thanks to the hand of the fresh specialist. The processing methods, the ingredients, the quality, the expertise and the attention. In this way a piece of meat becomes a piece of craftsmanship and you can taste it. We are proud to share those qualities.

Our love for meat and the most beautiful flavors, but also our joint focus on quality and origin. We like to develop new flavors and variations that inspire, such as this BBQ concept. With this we can together “make the difference on the grill”.


Craft BBQ packages

For example, we have put together traditional BBQ packages that are completely in line with today’s demand. They inspire, offer convenience, radiate craftsmanship, meet everyone’s taste and needs and are composed with care for quality and taste.


With the traditional BBQ packages we are also making a success of this BBQ season and the fresh specialist offers his customers the inspiration they expect from him. For the difference on the grill.


Inspiration for artisan BBQ packages

This BBQ package is all about the country where BBQ's are very popular: the United States. Every American grew up with "the Real American BBQ", it is deeply rooted in the culture and that is reflected in what is on the table. So many states, so many flavors and specialties. We have selected the best, a delicious "American Style" combination for a typical American BBQ experience.

American BBQ package

Asia is a continent so rich in different cultures, ingredients and flavors that the inspiration is endless. It is a part of the world where grilling outside is very common, just think of the countless street food dishes. From this enormous source of inspiration, we have put together a traditional package with products that fit together very well in terms of flavors and that are easy to prepare on the BBQ.

Oriental BBQ package

Mediterranean cuisine is characterized by tasty, colorful dishes where you can taste the sun. The climate is so pleasant that outdoor cooking is a common part of the food culture.

Mediterranean BBQ package

The development of a more conscious choice for quality also translates into the BBQ. There is a need for meat and products that exceed the usual BBQ dishes in terms of quality and taste.

Luxury BBQ package

We live more and more consciously. This is also reflected in the increasing demand for vegetarian products. In fact, dishes without meat have never been more popular.

Vegetarian BBQ package

Life swings in South America. You can taste that in the kitchen, dishes with a lot of temperament predominate. Even when it comes to BBQs.

South American BBQ package