Want to let everyone enjoy a tasty and responsible meal? Peanuts.

More and more conscious choices are being made when it comes to food. Taste goes hand in hand with ‘responsible enjoyment’. As a food professional you always want to be able to respond to these kinds of developments and we as Verstegen are happy to help you with that. For example, we have renewed and improved our satay sauce. With our new recipe, we are setting a new standard in the market. The satay sauce contains 42% less sugar, 33% less salt and 25% less fat compared to the old recipe. The satay sauce is now also completely plant-based and suitable for vegan lifestyles. With the renewed satay sauce from Verstegen, it is really peanuts to enjoy a tasty and responsible sauce.


A conscious choice for the best taste

At Verstegen we are proud of the delicious taste of our new satay sauce. The satay sauce is deliciously creamy, made from the best roasted peanuts and spices and is produced by Verstegen in a sustainable way: completely CO2 neutral. The updated recipe contains 42% less sugar, 33% less salt, 25% less fat and is 100% vegetable, these are the figures with which we set the new standard. The sauce is also ready-to-use and can therefore be prepared in an instant. Our renewed satay sauce offers you as a food professional the opportunity to let everyone enjoy tasty and responsible food. From real Burgundians to vegetable eaters.


Makes all dishes tastier

The renewed satay sauce is versatile and ideal for further processing in or with dishes. Think of satay, but also, for example, with fries, Eastern meals, a delicious piece of meat from the BBQ or even as a tasteful enhancer with vegetarian and even vegan dishes. With the new recipe, the application possibilities have become even greater and tastier.


Sizes and availability

Our new satay sauce is now available from your wholesaler or in our webshop. Here you can choose from various handy sizes such as sticks, portion cups, cups and buckets.

So let everyone enjoy a tasty and responsible meal? Peanuts. With our tastiest satay sauce.