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Authentic mortar kitchen

Kumar's origins lie in the mortar kitchen region of Asia, an area that stretches from India to Indonesia. Every country in this region has its own tradition of blending spices to release their own flavour. This is passed on from generation to generation.

Every country has its own mortar tradition

At Kumar's, all fresh ingredients are first blended according to an authentic recipe, then baked or roasted, mashed and finally processed into a paste, bumbu, sauce, dressing, marinade, sambal or chutney. Just like they have been doing in Asia for generations. By applying this traditional preparation technique at production level, the Kumar's products are unique and distinctive.

The nine-bowl principle

Kumar’s founder, Suresh Kumar, and his ancestors have been making curries and bumbus for over 2000 years on the basis of the ‘nine-bowl principle’.

This means that all products are made using fresh ingredients from nine different bowls. The ingredients may differ for each product, but each bowl must be represented. Every product therefore contains both whole and ground spices, fresh herbs, nuts and seeds, and a sweet, sour, salty, creamy white and an oily element.

Enhance western cuisine with the traditional flavours of the mortar kitchen. Use them to create special soups and dressings, for example.

Experience the pure mortar kitchen

As a food professional, do you want to be able to create the tastiest Asian dishes with ease? Kumar’s bumbus and curry pastes are the ideal basis for traditional Asian meals. Made using fresh ingredients and without the use of artificial fragrances, colours and flavours.

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